IRIS32 Conference, Molde, Norway - My Speech (unedited)

First of all, my heartiest greetings to all the researchers and the organizers of this wonderful event. Regarding me, my name is Devinder Thapa and, I am originally from Nepal and currently I am employed as a research fellow in the University of Agder. Obviously, this is my first but not last appearance in IRIS conference and it’s my pleasure to be a part of Scandinavian research team. Although research is not a new term for me, doing IS research is a completely new experience Therefore, I am in a primary stage of developing my research proposal. During my research tenure, I received a plenty of suggestions from my senior researcher and supervisor, that I should attend IRIS conference. Before coming to IRIS conference, frankly speaking, I had a very different impression or you can say hypothesis about this conference. For instance, it was pretty sure that Molde is a beautiful place, and there was a best chance to utilize University fund for some recreation, but I was not so optimist about synchronizing any research ideas. I was thinking like, ok, IRIS is a place where many homogeneous actors from the Scandinavian region will come together and force me to enroll in their research tradition and finally translate me and my colleague to follow their research tradition. But, on the contrary, I found it completely different. As soon as we started our working group session, from the very beginning, I realized, this is the place where you can, not only, get our ideas more furnished but also facilitate other researchers to get more insight, and enhance own knowledge at the same time. In my personal case, I came here with fuzzy ideas, which were important I knew, but they were not in order to make a sensible network. Today I can boast, yes, my heterogeneous ideas are synthesized and they started forming a good sensible network. Definitely, the whole credit goes to IRIS32 team, which is truly a harmonious Network composed of heterogeneous actors, fortunately, just opposite to my hypothesis. Last but not least, IRIS games will be one of the memorable events despite not making the Robin Hood proud of me. Well, I will conclude my small notes here and once again, my sincere thanks to IRIS32 organizing committee and all the participants.

Hope to see you again in Denmark, next year.

Thank you, Tusen Takk


  1. Devinder Thapa, PhD.. don't you think you say things a bit more than necessary?

  2. Thanks Anonymous for reading my article and commenting on it. But if you read title carefully, it says unedited that denotes statement will be bit more than necessary :-). anyway good analysis.