The power of positive thinking

It is quite difficult to define the positive thinking with concrete parameters. It is a completely subjective opinion of different people with different objectives. However, some books define it as a passion or fire in our mind to achieve our short or long term goal. Positive thinking itself is not a complete way of thinking; it consists of different personality traits like vision, planning, action, evaluation and determination. One of the complementary elements that go one-on-one is the self-motivation. Most of the time, to light the fire in our mind, we need motivational fuel that should come from our own inner sea field. Last considerable factor is luck. My understanding of luck is to finding a proper opportunity; it’s rather not a supernatural phenomenon. A powerful positive thinker can create opportunities in mid of scarcities. However, I don’t want to deal with this [luck] stuff further, it may create logical and illogical arguments. J

Most of the creatures in this world have the passion for sex and money. However, I am not discussing about the thinking backed by some evil forces. I read some unusual stories about people like Hitler, Idi Amin, and Charles Shobhraj. Although they were also having killing instinct, their passion was not acceptable to the large bunch of society. So we should not nurse such passion which eventually leads to the unacceptable obsession. Therefore the first and foremost rule of positive thinking is that it should be encircled inside the ethical periphery.

It is not necessary that the positive thinking always result as per our pre-defined goal. Sometimes it may be paradoxical. For instance, in my personal case, I was desperately working hard to go to UK for further studies, I was completely passionate, and I prepared well for IELTS, left the banking job etc. However, unfortunately or fortunately I could not pass through the VISA criteria, and landed through by-pass to South Korea. Since positive thinking in the real sense is to finding a new opportunities besides existing difficulties. At the meantime enhance your strengths and recover from your weaknesses. Utmost, this [difficulties] is the actual testing parameter of our positive thinking vis-à-vis vision, planning and action.

When I came to Korea I was just having a passion to do something but not a definite plan. Gradually I redefined my vision and planning, subsequently started working on it. As a result, I succeed to achieve the first short term objective of my life, my doctoral degree, for the time being. Even though the long term goal is still far ahead, however, I was able to discover my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I know what is my long term goal and means to achieve that goal. Even if I could not manage to achieve the pre-defined goal, I am strong enough to light the fire of positive thinking and finding new ways in the face of awful difficulties. I have experienced the magical power of positive thinking. And, any individual can form this attitude. There is no discrimination of cast, creed, color, or gender to get the benefit of the power of positive thinking.

Finally, I would like to say, the power of positive thinking can be realized if we have a proper vision, planning, action, and evaluation process. That should be backed by ethical values, self discipline, and strong determination. Although this write up is mainly focused on my self experiences of positive thinking,  it can be equally applied to any individual in a similar fashion.